mini barn festival

Mini Barn Festival



Whether it was the wedding of your childhood nanny or the first time a horse ate out of your hand, we’ve all had magical experiences in a barn. Something about their rustic and authentic ambiance makes people feel immediately at home when they step into an old, worn down barn. We can’t help but dream that someday we’ll be trapped in a rainstorm and duck into the nearest barn for shelter to find Lucas Till playing with piglets in the hay with the afternoon light filtering in... well you get the idea.


Have you ever dragged yourself to Home Depot to pick up that rug that keeps popping up on Pinterest? If so, you’ve probably had a brief moment while parking your car where you admired the quaint little sheds nestled in the corner of every Home Depot parking lot. These little guys are usually relegated to storing rusted tools. Well we think they could be capable of a lot more, with a professional’s touch...



So What is the mini barn festival?

Here's the manifesto--

We are a festival but more largely we are a brand and a band of women with a common mission to take something both beautiful and functional and use it make a tangible difference in the world.

We believe in the power of shelter.

Whether it’s a dwelling, an escape from your real life, or it is something that empowers you to provide shelter to an expected (or unexpected) guest, or it’s a way to shelter and nourish the imaginations of the little ones whom you love most,

We believe in havens.

But most of all, we demand that everyone on this planet enjoy that same basic right to have a safe roof over their head, to duck into during whatever type of storm they are enduring.


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