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little pieces

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Little Pieces

I've always been interested in pointillism and this was my first time experimenting with it. I began with a sketch, moved to watercolor base-coloring and then finally started dotting with the back of my paintbrush.

Wedding days often seem to symbolize a turning point in one's life: a moment where they seem to have it all together and they've really made it. My point (😂) in this piece is to highlight that every moment that embodies culmination in one's life--whether it be a graduation, a wedding, a funeral or a laugh attack on an idle Tuesday afternoon--is comprised of a million little moments: hundreds of people who touched you, hundreds of crossroads reached and choices made, hundreds of stars aligning to bring you to this place in this moment. If we look mindfully at our world as everything with all the little miracles strung along in its web of existence, we can begin to understand all we have to be grateful for. 


Acrylic & Watercolor on Canvas