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I'm Kickstarting!

I'm Kickstarting!


Watch my Kickstarter video here^^^!!!

Filmed by Josh Lauder, Tristan Bouan and the stunning editing by Tessa Hollinger, under my creative direction. I surround myself with talented people!!!

ok when are you going live?

I'm planning on launching the campaign around August 2018. The #1 tip that people who've failed on Kickstarter and people who've succeeded can agree on is that 99% of the success of a Kickstarter is in pre-season. In other words, don't just launch, but instead plan it out meticulously for months, prepare everything you can imagine in advance, line up press, influencer promotion and other forms of advertising in advance and most of all, develop, nurture and your audience prior to launch to keep them engaged. Now that the video is "done" (nothing ever really is), that's what I'm up to these days!

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